Wandilla is operated by Lee and Gillian Collins and family Rupert, Anna and Alexandra, and has been home to the Collins family for almost 100 years.

The property consists of coastal speargrass and mixed couch grass creek flats interspersed with stilos and improved pasture. Encouraging our cattle to forage full time on pasture in a natural environment allows us to produce easy doing, fertile cattle that grow out and meet our clients’ expectations.

"The fact we are most proud of is our repeat clientele base in the vicinity of 90% each year, and we now have third generations of families returning to the sale ring and paddock each year to purchase our cattle. This supports our desire to produce consistent lines of commercially profitable cattle.

Our current marketing policy is to sell a line of red bulls at the Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale and our grey bulls at the Gold City Sale. Both red and grey bulls are sold at the Summer Brahman Sale and from time to time heifers become available then as well. Paddock sale enquiries are always welcome."

Wandilla is situated at Marlborough, an hour’s comfortable drive north of Rockhampton on the Bruce Highway. Rockhampton, the Beef Capital of Australia, is serviced by first class jet services from all over Australia several times a day.

Please feel free to come and look at what we have to offer. We would be more than happy to show you our cattle and discuss our breeding programme.